Details of the Dubrovnik set are starting to leak like the hull of the Titanic, ahead of Star Wars: Episode VIII filming there next week.
The Dubrovnik Times is reporting that finishing touches are being applied to the set, with the Great Onofrio Fountain being the latest city landmark to get a Star Wars makeover.

Meanwhile, the oval doorways and windows that were erected earlier last month have been finished. Opaque window facades have been inserted over the the actual windows themselves, completing the Star Wars aesthetic.


MakingStarWars is also reporting more details from the filming taking place in Dubrovnik.

I’ve been told that residents in the city center are asked to leave the lights on during the night, between 3.09. and 3.16. which I find interesting.”

I think the set looks amazing now that it’s finished, I particularly like the way the lights from the windows and control panels reflect off the wet pavement, though I have no idea if it will be that way in the movie. Dubrovnik has been experiencing some nasty weather lately, and it will be interesting to see how that affects the shoot.

Finally, Daisy Ridley has confirmed that she will not be participating in the Dubrovnik shoot, according to a BBC interview.