The shooting location of Dubrovnik gave us lots to mull over last summer when filming for Star Wars: The Last Jedi began.  Why was everyone wearing black? Whose on that cruise boat and what was going on down Main Street with all the pyrotechnics?  There’s space horses and crashed luxury speeders which just adds to the cornucopia of visuals in our galaxy far far away. As of this morning, however, one of those elusive questions may have been answered.

Jason Ward at has been on a roll this past week, with new exclusive after exclusive and early this morning didn’t disappoint. He is reporting that the name of this new “Casino” planet is called Canto Bight. Castor Bight is a new planet in our Galaxy, and there just might be another clue in those old paparazzi photos in Dubrovnik from last year.

While I do not know the exact spelling, I believe the planet to be called Canto Bight after having heard that name specifically several times from quality sources, always in relation to the subject of the Dubrovnik filming.

In this image of what looks to be policemen on Canto Bight, they carry the acronym CBPD in Aurebesh, which could stand for Canto Bight Police Department (cue the Law And Order Dun Dun sound) or Canto Bight Planet Defense.






It’s always great to get a sneak peak into the new worlds and environments in Star Wars, and I have high hopes for this one. If you are interested in last year’s coverage of the Dubrovnik set you can visit our past articles here and here.

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