EW’s Solo: A Star Wars story coverage week is well underway and today will have lots to feast on. Before we jump into all that, I would like to thank EW, for changing the format of today’s stories, dropping that horrendous carousel viewer. The site was easy to navigate and a pleasure to read. Now with that out of the way, holy baby Jeebus on a stick, did EW have lots to divulge about Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The first up, is the wonderful nine images released that showcase the characters and worlds they will be playing in. We finally have confirmation of our character names, Qi’Ra played by Emilia Clarke, L3-37 played by Pheobe Waller-Bridge. L3-37 was mentioned to have familiar-looking parts, teased by Anthony Breznican and he will have more for us to chew on this soon. We now have confirmation that Thandie Newton’s character is a smuggler named Val, along with Paul Bettany’s crime boss character named Dryden Vos. Woody Harrellson confirmed his name a while back and it still remains as Tobias Beckett. A powerful criminal for hire that is Hans mentor. The planet mentioned in this piece is the EU favorite Mimban, which was found in recent toy leaks and now confirmed.

The main plot of this film is still under wraps, but we now know our initial guesses where correct-, this will be a western styled heist film. Albeit with some tag-on bits on the side. The heist according to Anthony Breznican, is the first for Han and Chewie as they raid that gorgeous train called the Conveyex seen in the teaser trailer. This film is also going to be centered around the new relationship between Han and Chewie and how close it becomes.

Anthony Breznican, once again leads the pack in revealing our favorite stories to us in grand fashion. Take the time an check out his stories and the rest of the wonderful images this week at ew.com.

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