The second Monday of the fourth of July week, looks a little more uplifting this afternoon, with our first character look at the upcoming animation series, Star Wars: Resistance.  Guillaume Malgouyres showcased four new images on Twitter this afternoon, from the Disney France Partner event. One of which is a sneak peek at the characters from Star Wars: Resistance.

Right off the bat, the principal antagonist of this series looks to be Captain Phasma herself, but equally intriguing is the red-clad First Order Trooper in front of her. There can only be one Stormtrooper clad in red in all Star Wars, and that’s Captain Cardinal from Deliah S. Dawson’s “Phasma” novel. This red-clad battle-tested commander of the training corp of the First Order struggles with his love of the First Order and their methods. One small bit of circumstantial evidence that may support that character in the new series was from a pin distributed at the Disney Galactic Night’s celebration a couple of months ago. There they released a pin that showcased Vi Moradi, the Resistance spy captured by Captain Cardinal.

The image also showcases out new heroes. The main character for the series Kazuda Xiono, is a spy for the Resistance, just like Vi Moradi. The furthest character back looks to be Poe, with two new characters flanking Kazuda. We also get a new look of the fighter, that was showcased during the series announcement. When I see this new Resistance fighter it reminds me of the “Baa Baa Black Sheep” tv show I used to see as a kid. The WW2 fighter of the show was one of my favorites, the Vaught F4U-A1, and its gorgeous bent wing.

We are looking forward to the SDCC event where Lucasfilm Executive Dave Filoni will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and just maybe get something about Star Wars: Resistance. Enjoy the image folks.

Max Palas
Written by Max Palas
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