Variety is reporting that the incredibly talented Gugu Mbatha-Raw is set to star in the new movie “Miss Sloane”which will be in production as the same time as Star Wars: Episode Eight. This confirms the rumors that we have been hearing that she was not going to fill the hotly contested role beside Finn in Star Wars: Episode Eight.

Rumors last week have been circling that she was out for the role and the slot would be filled by Bel Powley. Later rumors in the same week then surfaced that Bel Powley was no longer in contention for the role, due to script rewrites that added more time for Finn and Rey’s characters. It’s nice to have confirmation, but to have such a great talent slip through our fingers hurts a tad. Hopefully Lucasfilm can get lucky in the future and have her in the Star Wars Galaxy.

Great thanks to Andrew R. for the heads up.



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