Earlier this morning, we picked up a scoop about Lucasfilm filing four separate Trademark entries for Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventures. Since then, I have made the rounds asking a few folks and some new clues arose that this new Trademark may perhaps be for a new animation series from Lucasfilm. There is also a more detailed look at the Trademark listing themselves as noticed by Editor in Chief of Cinelinx, Jordan Maison.


The specified entries coincide with previous animation series Trademarks in the past, such as Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny and Star Wars Rebels. With the discussions, I’ve had this morning and the fidelity of the extensiveness of the Trademark submissions, this is looking more and more likely that is maybe for a new animation series from Lucasfilm for the Disney + streaming service. With the popularity of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, I wonder if this new series will incorporate stories from all over the Star Wars Galaxy and not just a focus on our incredible heroine’s. This would make for an opportunity to increase the toy lines and continue the success of providing content for Lucasfilm’s youngest audience.


Our good friends over at Yakface had a story three days ago detailing the new “Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventures” merchandise. It looks as though this new series contains a mini-comic and not for a new animation series.


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