Leave it to Jason Ward of MakingStarWars.net to find the set of the upcoming Jon Favreau’s Star Wars Live Action Series. Of course, after finding this lovely set, placed near some train yard, he’s going to take some photos. Heck, he just might have even done an episode for his award-winning podcast “Now This Is Podcasting!” to boot. The photos are about as great as they come and showcase what looks to be city dwellings on Tatooine. This is speculation of course, but we do know that Favreau’s new series will be focused on the Mandalorian plight to retake their homeward after the demise of the Empire.

Jason has also mentioned an important point that filming for this series will begin as early as next week.

“We have it on good authority that the live-action Star Wars television series begins filming next week…”

Pretty surprising since we haven’t even gotten an official word of the cast for the show or its title. But in the pictures don’t lie with the Director/Producer himself on set. Great scoop by our good friend Jason and I’m sure plenty more to come.

Head on over to the MSW story here for more pictures and insight from the master scooper himself.


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