In the world of Star Wars spoilers, there are bouts of drought and monsoon. The drip, drip, drip of spoilers for this upcoming chapter of our saga has given us some ideas of what we can expect. From the shots of sets like Dubrovnik and England which came down in a downpour to the spoilers here and there from fansites with credibility. It looks like for the most part that the weeks of parched sunburn lips is about to end with back in form.

In the past days, Jason Ward from has begun his run of new spoiler information with his third major story this week for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Today’s bombshell rumor is the casting of Justin Theroux from HBO’s “The Leftovers.”

Theroux will be playing “an expert slicer” and we’re hearing he has a pivotal moment. His costume is pretty interesting as well. Imagine Indiana Jones’ white tuxedo from Temple of Doom but weirder and with a Star Wars twist. Theroux’s character wears a white tuxedo-style jacket over a black suit. His sequences fit into the casino section of the film where we saw Dubrovnik exteriors shot last year.

There were pictures taken of the set from Dubrovnik last year with many extra’s in full black tie dress. The cast dressed up in what we believe is the casino scene that possibly features John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran. The run and gun through the historic city, running from officers on top of what has been labeled the “Space Horse.”

Justin Theroux is a fantastic actor, and his hard macho style in “The Leftovers” fits well with a cold and calculated villain. My favorite of Theroux was his small part in HBO’s “John Adams” playing the role of John Hancock. How this casting flew under the radar of the Hollywood trades is a testament to the secrecy around this production. Lucasfilm greatest achievement in this new era of Star Wars has been in its casting of current red-hot talent. Let’s hope the trend continues.

For more on this story head on over to Jason’s story at MSW here.


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