The fun stuff is always in the small releases that trickle out, that perhaps were not meant to. Today in the promo for pre-ordering for Star Wars: Battlefront II, an image of Kylo Ren and his new fantastic cape and Rey in her Jedi-Chic outfit was released. Both characters will be playable heroes in the game, and their look and costumes look great.

The picture isn’t the best, and the looks of the characters do sort of fall in line in what many of us have suspected. The costumes are believable and textured well. I like depth in my costumes, sometimes with lots of bits hanging here and there, but the same can be achieved with layered fabrics. It’s a great look and another achievement of the wardrobe masterminds at Lucasfilm.

Enjoy the image folks.

Max Palas
Written by Max Palas
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