The Hollywood Reporter has a wonderful exclusive that has lightened up a rather bleak week for many us. THR is exclusively reporting that Kathleen Kennedy has signed a three-year extension to her existing contract at Lucasfilm. The incredible resume, storytelling talents and Executive leadership she has provided for the organization over the years cannot be understated. She has taken the organization from the private hands of George Lucas and brought into the fold of Disney, with notable success. During her tenure, she has amassed record profits and brought Star Wars back into the lives of millions around the globe.

The bumps in the road with the firing of Directors and re-shoots isn’t a stain on her performance, but instead a testament to her ability to pivot when a project runs into trouble. That is what a great executive can do, and be an inspiration for those coming up the ranks. Her push for more diversity and expanding the mediums to deliver Star Wars is also profound and courageous. It’s not easy to transfer and expand an organization many of orders of magnitude. He past accomplishments in his filmography do not need to be mentioned here, because truth be told, every single movie you enjoy in the 1980’s to the present probably has her fingerprint on it.

Congratulations to Kathleen Kennedy and all the great folks at Disney for a wise and great choice.

Long live the Queen of Storytelling.



Max Palas
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