Just before San Diego Comic-Con began late last week, Lucasfilm Ltd. secured a new web domain in multiple variations. The new domain, starwarsrisetopower.com (Star Wars: Rise To Power) was purchased through their traditional corporate registrar C&C Corporate Domains on July 19, 2017. Lucasfilm continually acquires domains for various reasons, and not all of them are exclusively for upcoming projects. It is standard practice for corporations to pick up domains simply so that others in public can’t use them. There is also no real hard and straight rules when it comes to speculating about these web addresses outside of Lucasfilm. For example, the company never procured the domains for Star Wars: The Last Jedi or for their amusement park Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Both of which were snatched up by regular folks hoping to make a sale of that spot on the internet.

Throughout the last six months, there have been numerous web domains obtained by Lucasfilm that have caught our eye. Domains that could be used as titles for the feature films, a new animation series, mobile video games or nothing at all. The latest domain, Star Wars: Rise To Power, does spark some imagination, as there are only two real instances in our saga that figures ascend into power. The first is Emperor Palpatine and his Empire and the second is Supreme Leader Snoke and the First Order. If this new domain is tied to a real deliverable product, then it’s something worth paying attention to. There are no rumors at this time of any new animation series, video game titles, or spin-off films that could tie into these domains. The only exception being the Han Solo spin-off film and the upcoming Star Wars video game from Visceral, both of which are still left untitled. Out of all the domains listed below, Star Wars: Rivals, is the only domain that is currently tied to a recent U.S. Trademark.

Then there are the two domains StarWars-TV.com and OfficialStarWarsToys.com, both of which immediately send the heart and mind racing with possibilities. The latter of which was acquired by Disney and not Lucasfilm. Both addresses could have been secured simply to keep them out of the public arena. Then again, with all the new content coming out of Lucasfilm, having a channel or mobile app to deliver it would be great. As for the toys and a possible marketplace through an official site, well, that one might be a stretch. We don’t know if any of these will ever be used, but it makes the heart glow to think that one day it might be attached to something real.







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