It’s been a daily chore of mine since the inception of the Post to check for any new Star Wars Trademarks in the USPTO Tess Database. Most days, my lottery search ends up with nothing, but on rare occasions, a new item pops up. This morning a new entry has been posted by Lucasfilm for “Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventures”.

The Tess database has given us some important animation series titles and video game titles in the past. Many of them turned out to be mobile games or possibly something for the parks. This new entry sounds like a mobile game, book series or marketing program. These new Trademarks could also be tied to the new expansion of the Disney parks with Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. We try our best here at the Post to sift through the noise and bring stories that are relevant. This new Trademark is a nugget of information that just may turn out to be a platform we’re all interested in.


Max Palas
Written by Max Palas
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