USA Today is reporting that Marvel comics has introduced a new Poe Dameron series for it’s comic lineup in April.

The series will dig into Poe’s status as the top X-wing fighter jockey for General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) and leader of a squadron with an important mission. But the evil First Order also has a goal of finding Luke, and a new villain from the organization is introduced as Poe’s chief nemesis.

It is not known whether this comic will be set in the events before The Force Awakens or after it. More than likely it will be the former.

He and Noto promise to flesh out more of Poe’s personality, explore locations new and old in the Star Wars galaxy, showcase legacy characters and other rookies — Poe’s lovable droid BB-8 is one of the comic’s co-stars, and Soule teases appearances from other new X-wing pilots — while also bringing depth and expanding the world of The Force Awakens.

Finally we are getting new material set reasonably close to the time as our favorite new film. It’s also a refreshing site to see Poe’s character get something first for a change. Sure he was mentioned in Shattered Empire comic series, but to see his character out of the chute first, brings a smile to this authors face.


Max Palas
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