This is just another one of those cases where fansites get something right early and don’t get any recognition after the fact. Variety is now reporting that Pedro Pascal, the talented actor from HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ series and Netflix’s  ‘Narcos’ is the man behind the helmet in Star Wars: The Mandalorian. A rumor first reported by Jason Ward at over a month ago.

Pedro Pascal has been tapped to star in the “Star Wars” TV series “The Mandalorian,” which is expected to premiere on the Disney streaming service, Disney+.Pascal’s name had previously been rumored for the role, but sources say he was one of many actors being considered. Now, insiders tell Variety that he has been offered the role and negotiations are underway.

Although it’s great to have the top tier Hollywood confirm rumors first found by fansites like ours, it would still be kind to acknowledge those in the story. I mean, is it really that hard to give some level of professional courtesy?

Regardless, the news of Pedro Pascal coming to our Galaxy far, far away has me delighted. The Actor has earned his chops in Netflix’s Narcos and will continue Lucasfilm’s amazing record of matching great talent to roles that fit. The new live-action series will debut on Disney’s new streaming service Disney + sometime next fall. Welcome to our saga Pedro Pascal, it’s an immeasurable pleasure to have you.



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