It never surprises me that one uttered sentence from the right person can spawn blogs and the entertainment trades into overdrive. When one of our favorite writers Anthony Breznican from Entertainment Weekly made an appearance on the Rebel Force Radio podcast and resurfaced a theory from ancient history. That old theory, from circa July 2015, was about Rey’s lineage and her possible connection to Obi-Wan Kenobi. A fascinating piece at the time as no one actually had been talking about it, except for yours truly and a few others on online forums. That story titled “In the Shadow Of Obi-Wan Kenobi” was a pure speculation piece that discussed why weren’t Star Wars fans considering Kenobi as a link to Rey’s ancestry. The story had no direct quotes, or even suggestions that he may have overheard some serious talk from those in the know. The piece stood out so much that it had it’s own gorgeous artwork generated for it by EW artist Martin Ansin.

That story solidified my mild interest in the Rey/Kenobi theory that I immediately wrote a feature for the Post “Kenobi’s Lineage And The Force Awakens” about what’s possible. One of the great joys about us spoiler hounds is taking a theory from someone and jumping into their shoes for a bit and seeing what’s possible. Not just to rip their theories apart but to instead help them find other threads that might support their conclusions. From that story and three more after, we here at the Post took some time to throw a timeline up to see how this all fits in the saga. Just by looking at the timeline it’s becomes very apparent that Obi-Wan Kenobi could not be Rey’s father unless he had made a special deposit at a sperm bank. Which doesn’t exactly make for great story telling. However what this timeline does show is when Rey’s mother would have to be born if she had Rey at 20 or 40 years of age. It’s that one piece that could possibly set the stage, if any of Obi-Wan fathering a child and when. For example what age would Rey’s mother be during the time of Obi-Wan’s seclusion? or perhaps was she born during the Clone Wars?

In order to help our readers jump into this theories shoes, here is an updated timeline to run around in. The dates now reflect BBY/ABY and for added speculative fun we threw in Satine Kryze into the mix as she is the front runner when it comes to Obi-Wan and a possible love interest. It’s always a bit of fun to jump into the speculation sauna and sweat it out a bit, but just remember folks staying in too long will have you looking like Supreme Leader Snoke.

Enjoy the timeline and here’s a quick listing of some of our previous features on this theory.

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