The Rogue One images just keep coming with only twenty days to go, IMAX and Empire have delivered today with some new posters and images for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The three new posters for IMAX, was announced on Star Wars UK Twitter account, features our heroes on a simple white background. Which are still trying to get clarification, but I wonder if these posters will be handed to patrons at the IMAX theaters like what was done for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

UPDATE: “Cadets who go rogue in IMAX at an AMC theatre on 12/18, 12/25, or 1/1 will get one of these awesome mini posters.” 

Empire Magazine also doubled down today on the Rogue One imagery with some new shots of their own. Adding to that we came across a great new poster and banner on the JC Forums from StarOcean90 and ThreeDeathStickProblem. Special thanks to BenYodaDegobah who provided the three IMAX posters without the logo.

Enjoy the im[pp_gallery gallery_id=”7582″ width=”150″ height=”238″]ages.



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