Here comes August and the dog days of Summer and with that, our first Rogue One: A Star Wars Story tv spot. With just four and half months to go, the marketing for this film is about to get out of second gear with some momentum behind it. The new tv spot does not contain any new imagery or dialogue since the original Rogue One teaser trailer aired back in early April.  However, this new tv spot marks an important milestone for the project and adds a little gas to the forward movement that has been built up over the last two weeks. With Lucasfilm recently showing off an exclusive BTS reel, the official poster, and costumes at Star Wars Celebration Europe and San Diego Comic Con conventions, the kick off for this film has begun.

Soon the marketing will power shift its way into third and fourth gears with Force Friday looming on the horizon. To add even more sunshine to this story, Riz Ahmed, who plays Rhodi Rook in the film has claimed that the reshoots are also completed for the film, which may lend a hand to our first peek at an official theatrical trailer. With some newer spiced up dialogue and improved scenes in the film, this new meat gets shoved through the sausage grinder and is ready to be stuffed into a  trailer casing. A moment that will assuredly come sooner than later and lend a great hand in getting this movie in the minds of regular movie goers.

I am really excited for this film because I believe it’s a real winner. With this tv spot and the reshoots being completed, it feels like this project really is on target and the pieces are finally fitting together. Let’s just hope the Marketing guru’s at Disney really pull out the creative tricks to get this film front and center for the regular folks. Let Suicide Squad have its day in the Sun, but I want to see Rogue One come in like a hurricane soon after. Blot out the sun and have those palm trees on Scarif blasted sideways by the marketing wind.

Enjoy the tv spot everyone.


Max Palas
Written by Max Palas
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