It’s moments like these that remind me how different and in some ways how unique the ramp to Star Wars: The Force Awakens truly was. The pre-ticket announcement for the first film in this new era of Star Wars was made on Monday Night Football to massive audiences in the U.S. and around the globe. That announcement was like pouring gasoline on an existing massive conflagration as many die hard fans knew of the impending ticket sales at the box office that night. Even before the announcement was made toward the end of that game, Fandago, the Alamo Cinema Draft House and countless other online cinema ticket venues were flooded with requests bringing down their websites. Minutes turned into hours as many fans across the U.S. were hashing on their F5 keys refreshing sites only to be hit with SQL database errors and 404 Site not available notifications. That had many fans scrambling to do things the primitive old school way and drive frantically to their local theaters to purchase tickets in person. All of this months before the film’s release.

Earlier today, in the middle of the night, the official Star Wars Twitter announced that ticket sales for Rogue One would be available this coming Monday. An announcement that came when many of us in the United States were in turkey, sugar sweet desert coma’s. Never the less the announcement came and went like a phantom in the night and delighted this writer as if it was a Christmas morning present. The differences between the marketing last year and this year for the ticket announcement are stark, but only because Star Wars: The Force Awakens, truly was a special event in the franchise history. An moment that seemed to include everyone on the planet. That timeless let’s all be kids again nostalgia that made “The Force Awakens” special. Part of me longs for that same feeling and warmth that we had last year and why not? Rogue One looks to be a great film with the return of some of our most beloved characters. It is also the first spin-off film which actually makes it unique to the franchise, yet the marketing awareness for this movie to the public isn’t as high. Perhaps it is, like some whisper rebellion that shows itself with nods and smiles from co-workers and family when they come across a Rogue One TV spot. Another Star Wars film will be soon upon us, and I for one am excited. The warmth and magic might not be the same from the multitudes outside my window, but that’s ok, they’ll come around.

Good luck with the ticket sales at midnight Monday folks.


Max Palas
Written by Max Palas
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