Our good friends at FanthaTracks dropped a fun scoop yesterday, that Billy Dee Williams will be reprising his role as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: Episode IX. The classic character set to return to the sequel trilogy based on two independent sources. This rumor isn’t a huge surprise as rumors have been swirling that Billy Dee Williams has been getting in shape for a possible return for the Star Wars franchise. This rumor from Fantha Tracks, with two confirmations, does add more gasoline to the fire.

Production for Star Wars: Episode IX, Directed by JJ Abrams is set to begin filming in the coming weeks. With the start of that work, you can bet there will be more in terms of leaks and spoilers for the film. This last installment of the trilogy has a  high bar before it to conclude this journey for Rey and her compatriots against the First Order.



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