Friday is Star Wars day at San Diego Comic-Con, and although there were no Hall H presentations this year by Lucasfilm, there were panels on the publishing side of the house and Hasbro. To be honest, these were my favorites last year when I attended the event. These panels deliver for us the goodies that we will be enjoying in the coming months outside of the films. There is a score of new books and merchandise so let’s jump to it.

The first big news was on the comics front where Marvel introduced two new comic mini series for Star Wars, Mace Windu and Thrawn. The latter of which will be a mini-series adaptation of Timothy Zahn’s best selling novel. On the books side, there are lots to list, and photos are courtesy of Peter Sciretta from Slashfilm, who did a marvelous job live stream Tweeting of the event. Out of all of these books, the ones that I have a keen interest in reviewing for the Post are the Star Wars “From A Certain Point Of View” which is a collection of 40 short stories surrounding the past events of the saga. The book trio of “The Art Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Star Wars: The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary and Star Wars: The Last Jedi Cross-Sections. All three of which should be yearly default purchases for any fan of the franchise.  Then there is the new book announced today Star Wars: Cobalt Squadron and the novelization of the film Star Wars: The Last Jedi by Jason Fry. We are damn lucky as fans to have Jason write the movie adaptation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi for us. He did a marvelous job with Star Wars “Weapon Of A Jedi” and “Rey’s Survival Guide, ” and we wish him the very best of luck. Congratulations Jason!

Next up was Hasbro and unsurprisingly they showed off none of the new figures for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The only exception of course was the two pack announced as SDCC exclusives two days ago featuring “Jedi Training Rey and “Master Jedi Luke Skywalker”. I am dissapointed in this because it’s only a matter of time before leaked images of the new figures for Force Friday start to make their way on the internet. Wouldn’t it be better to showcase these figures at San Diego Comic-Con then some image from a potato phone? However, there is more in store from Hasbro and they didn’t dissapoint with their offerings.

First up is a new Rebel Fleet Trooper, which comes with a Death Star Data Card and a Dewback. Second is a fantastic Captain Rex Clone figure that was mapped sculpted like Rey’s figure. This new Black Series figure is definitely headed for my desk. it’s gorgeous. We also have a new Black Series General Organa and Maz Kanata, which includes curio chest and Luke’s lightsaber.

There is some great reveals from the two panels today and lots to purchase in the near future. The staff and I here at the Post are really looking forward to the books and figures to review for you awesome people. Enjoy the images and start saving that money.


The official site has a great round-up of all the books featured today at SDCC. We have included a fair share of those covers, but please check out their story for more!

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