With only 36 days to go the second international trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has debuted. The trailer launched for overseas audiences has some new images we have not seen before. This trailer tells more of the story of the first spin-off film for the franchise in a very linear fashion. Many of the scenes in this trailer are new and delivered in a fantastic way. First up is the intimate view of a young Jyn Erso with her mother. The first we have seen of her. The ominous beginning of Krennic shuttle hurtling toward her homestead on the dark gray and lively greens of her home planet. In this trailer, we also get a tad more spiritual with the Force taking an under the covers presence in this film. Hid beneath where its warm and comforting but out of sight. We see it with the faith of Jyn’s mother and her careful use of its well-known proverb of “May the Force be with us.” What makes this scene curiously intriguing is the crystal hanging around Jyn’s neck, which would course grabs our intrigue of whether it is a kyber crystal. The Force is again a butterfly floating in the air in this trailer with that incredible dialogue from Actor when he faces his comrades with a pep talk – “Take hold of this moment as the Force is strong”. A line that gives us the audience a great sense of real truth and courage. Almost as if he is daring the Empire like Edmund Dantes in The Count Of Monte Cristo exclaiming “Do your worst, for I will do mine!”.

The imagery is again very rich and a color pallet that catches my eye. The shot of the Death Star firing its primary superweapon at the temple on Jedha portrayed as a eclipse with a green streak fired below is hauntingly good. Once again Director Garth Edwards who is a master of portraying scale in a way that feels enormous and believable. The crescendo of the music is well delivered and builds to this amazing shot of Darth Vader center screen. A powerful image with the classic curling of the fingers and hand outreached as if he is using the Dark Side of the Force.

The first spin-off film of the franchise is fast upon us and time after time, the more that is seen, the more this movie looks to be a winner. The scenes we have witnessed have come in waves that get larger and stronger and that instill high confidence in the talents of the production of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Enjoy the trailer folks.



Max Palas
Written by Max Palas
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