A user on the Reddit Star Wars Leaks site has posted some amazing pictures of what looks to be a remote location film set for Star Wars: Episode IX. The user, YenaMagana also posted a detailed account of what he saw to match the wonderful visuals. The authenticity of this is going to be hard to corroborate but, damn if this doesn’t look authentic. There were rumors that Jordan could possibly be a remote site for the last chapter of our saga, as it has been used before. More recently for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The description of YenaMagana’s account is the following:


So, I was driving through Wadi Rum, Jordan (I live in Jordan) for some nice desert camping, and I happened to stumble across a big tent city with some props. Wadi Rum is a large desert nature preserve in southern Jordan. A brief overview of what we saw:

Saw several rigs that were supposed to be some sort of landspeeders (one looked a lot like Rey’s orange creamsicle speeder); these whizzed by rather quickly and I was not able to get a good photo.

Pretty sure we saw Daisy Ridley (or perhaps another actress) getting a guided tour on a camel, with a heavy police escort.

Drove past the film set you see in the photo album. There were all sorts of tents, a lot of cut-outs of alien figures (looked a lot like Neimoidians), and pylon-sort of things. Looked like Jakku.

There is a big tent city with trailers, large MSU-style tents, and shipping containers. I am guessing this is where they construct a lot of the props, etc.

While trying to leave Wadi Rum the next day, were told to take a different path as they were filming in a certain area using a lot of pyrotechnics (!!!).

I won’t share the exact location (Wadi Rum is a big place), but it will be interesting to see Wadi Rum in the finished product. Wadi Rum is used to film a lot of movies, including “Lawrence of Arabia”, “The Martian”, and “Rogue One” (a lot of the establishing shots of Jedha were filmed there).

I would also like to take the opportunity to plug desert excursions in Wadi Rum; a really nice place with stunning scenery.

One of the greatest thrills in covering the production of these films is the remote location shoots. The energy in the air, the paparazzi photos and the shots of the production from all kinds of sources. From TMZ to regular folks like YenaMagana. The question for today’s reveal is this, is Rey heading back home to Jakku or is she venturing to Jedha?

Fantastic job by YenaMagana, we all appreciate his hard work.

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