While sitting here in the overnight campout, information has already broke from the Star Wars official site about the rumored animation series from Lucasfilm lead by Dave Filoni and Jennifer Muro. These new animated shorts under the title Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny were designed and produced for all sexes, young and old. However, Lucasfilm focus on these amazing women in our saga is just plain awesome. These stories done in 2D animation, will highlight the greatest heroines from Rey, Ahsoka, Jyn, Princess Leia, Sabine and more. These three-minute stories will tell tales lost in the in-between. Like Princess Leia saving Hoth base from a Wampa. Those delightful tugs and hugs at discarded scenes and some new angles. For example, in some of the released artwork, we notice Sabine at Yavin IV leaning against an X-Wing. In a future episode, we will see Hera with Leia and Han on Endor. The first released set of shorts will be released exclusively on the Star Wars Youtube channel.

The first released set of shorts will be released solely on the Star Wars Youtube channel in July. There will be eight new shorts in the fall on the Disney Channel. I love the look of the 2D animation and the 11-inch scale Hasbro toys that will accompany them don’t look that shabby either. These will also include role-playing toys as well.

As a Father of a five-year-old daughter, I am excited about this new animated series and wish it the best success.

Max Palas
Written by Max Palas
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