In the wee hours of the night, Disney Parks has announced the opening season for Disney’s new attraction Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. The first of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attractions will open at the Disneyland Resort in the Spring of 2019. This will be followed by the opening of its sister attraction at Walt Disney World Resort later that fall.

The anticipation for these dates have been building since it’s announcement at D23 last year. With this Summer fast approaching and many of gearing up to visit the Disney parks, this announcement has sent us soaring. The incredible urge to hop the construction fence and yell “FIRST!” has crossed my mind. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be an amazing space for Star Wars fans to enjoy our galaxy in a new medium. From the surroundings and costumed characters to the resort spaces, this experience is going to be one for the ages.

A  promotional video was included with the announcement of the opening season for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The video showcases the wonderful backwater city of Batuu. A place that used to be a bustling intersection of commerce before the advent of hyperspace. Now, this very Moroccan-esk port plays home to smugglers and rogue adventurers on the edge of known space. A rumored location that may serve as a haven away from the overwhelming force of the First Order.

At this lovely space full of miscreants, thieves and hopeful refugees will also be a full-scale replica of the Millennium Falcon. Which you will be able to fly as its star attraction. This will be followed later on with full-scale Star Destroyer hanger bay where you will be able to see a firefight between the First Order and the Resistance.

Have a look and hope to see you guys at the parks in 2019. You can be sure many of us here at The Star Wars Post will be there to celebrate.


Max Palas
Written by Max Palas
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