It felt like a long morning at the Battle Desk, waiting and watching the waterfalls of Tweets and live blogging feeds coming out of the D23 Expo. Lucasfilm took to the stage and revealed far less than what we expected, and that wasn’t much. We sincerely thought it would be the bare minimum, and they weren’t playing around. We did get the rumored behind the scenes reel, and for that, we are crazy thankful. There are lots to chew on here, and we have done our best putting together what we know from the spoiler sphere of rumors in the past two years. Make no mistake folks there is very little out there about the plot of this film, but some of the acts are starting to piece together. Enjoy the breakdown.

In this first shot, we see the luxury speeders from the casino planet Canto Bight. These were seen in video and pictures from the set in Dubrovnik last year. The scenes consisted of action sequences where Finn and Rose are being chased on a Fatheir (space horse) through the streets of the historic UNESCO city.





Here we see Chewie camping out with the Millennium Falcon on Ahch-To. This set was filmed at Pinewood Studios with a full mock up of the famed ship. What’s amazing is the “Force Tree” standing in front of it.





This next shot of Leia is significant, and one of the big reveals of this film. Here we see Leia on the planet of Crait, which we believe culminates in a massive battle scene at the end of the movie. You can see the planet scape of salt flats which turns violently red when disturbed.





In a scene which is sure to be iconic, Rey hands Luke his lightsaber, an heirloom that has been through some terrible moments in the saga. I love the green tape around his fingers for post production.





In this shot, we get a beautiful landscape shot of Dubrovnik. The movie was filmed there last year, and it feels like ages ago. Some of these building should look very familiar to “Game Of Throne” fans as well.





In what is going to be another iconic shot, we see Kylo Ren approaching what we believe is the throne room of Supreme Leader Snoke. Kylo with his new cape and outfit walks along a walkway eerily similar to Emperor Palpatine’s in Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi. We don’t know if this cape belonged to Darth Vader, but it’s almost a direct replica, and we are all aware Kylo’s desire for his Grandfathers artifacts.

This still shows the reverse shot displaying Supreme Leader Snoke’s throne room. Here we will get our first glimpse of the ruthless leader of the First Order in intricate robes of gold. There alongside we will also see his cadre of red Pretorian Guards. Beings clad in bright red armor with their assorted weapons. A fun throwback to Emperor Palpatine’s Royal Guard.





We believe this shot happens in the first act of the film where the Resistance is on the defensive against an attack by the First Order led by Captain Phasma. Here the Resistance hangar on the Star Ship gets obliterated.





Any shot with Carrie Fisher is excellent in my book and here is the bridge of that Resistance ship, that takes place during that primary battle. Early rumors from long ago had Leia being severely injured in this act of the film.





These next two shots look to be a part of the execution scene by the First Order. We don’t know when or who is involved, but the First Order Stormtrooper above, with their new look, are holding grappling weapons to keep prisoners still. We are aware of specific Stormtroopers called “Executioners” that have an off center vertical stripe across their helmets. Early rumors had Armitage Hux as the one being executed for his failure at Starkiller base, but that was a long time ago.





Here is our first frontal look of the Fathier space horse on Canto Bight. We have seen the rear of this very big animal during the shooting in Dubrovnik. The scene had both Finn and Rose riding this beautiful animal through the streets being chased by planetary police.





Here we have Rey diving into the scene where we believe she battles a beast on the island of Ahch-To. The cave can be seen in the early moments of this BTS reel with Actor Mark Hamill sitting with Director Rian Johnson. Rumors have suggested that this sea creature has been deadly to the loveable Porgs on the island and Rey is looking to end their suffering.





In this great shot, we see one of the dozens of new alien creatures that will be present in the Canto Bight casino scenes. I love this little table dealer.





This next still is also pretty significant with Admiral Holdo, played by Laura Dern and General Leia. Very early rumors had Leia get severely injured during the opening attack by the First Order in the film and in that power vacuum Holdo takes her place. We know the new battlecruisers seen in the teaser trailer belong to her.





Here we see Poe Dameron in the Resistance Base on Crait. What I believe happens here is that the Resistance is getting ready to battle the First Order in an epic act 3 of the film. This scene will be the Resistance assembling the new Ski Speeders to take on the mammoth First Order Heavy Assault Walkers. Poe is sitting in the cockpit of one of those ships. I also believe Chewie is also sitting in one of these fighters as well.

This still of Chewie is perplexing to me as he is standing on the bridge of what looks to be Leia’s ship. That ship exists in the first act of the film when it gets attacked, and Chewie should be on Ahch-To during that time. This could be Admiral Holdo’s bridge, but I honestly don’t know.





This is my second favorite shot of the whole BTS reel of Captain Phasma in all her glory. Her character will play a huge role in this film as she is the one attacking the Resistance ship in act 1, then fighting Finn in a great sequence later on.





This is our first live action shot of Kylo and his scar. A wound from Rey and her battle with him on Starkiller base. Director Rian Johnson actually moved or healed the scar to have a better look of the character. We believe that Adam Driver won’t be wearing his iconic helmet often in the film. Which means we get to see those glorious locks of hair.





Another iconic shot of a despondent Luke Skywalker who has all but given up on the Galaxy. In today’s press release for D23 Lucasfilm is hammering the point home that there is a significant unexpected plot that will unfold and change our minds about this saga. The rules are being changed.





Here we see a scene that will also play out in the first act with Finn leaving his bacta suit. In the original trilogy we remember the large submersion bacta tank, but in the new era, it looks as though they can complete the same healing through a worn suit. Rumor also suggests that Finn gets a little stronger after healing in the suit. His pictures on Instagram showing out his work-out routine would corroborate that rumor. Space Swole.





This shot looks to be Poe Dameron on the planet of Crait, but we just don’t know.





Here we get our first look at Benicio Del Toro’s character DJ. There have been lots of rumors swirling about this character. First is that he is imprisoned on Canto Bight and the reason why Finn and Rose go there to break him out. Second is that he is an arms dealer of sorts and has a very wealthy beautiful ship. The interior of that ship is seen here. There is even one more rumor that is near and dear to all our hearts, and that is DJ is none other than Ezra from Star Wars Rebels.





A shot that puts the war in Star Wars. This is Resistance gunner on one of Admiral Holdo’s ships. That classic WW2 bomber bubble gunner design that hangs from her fleet of ships.





You can pick up a lot by watching these sparing reels of the Actors and their Fight Choreographers. Here we see Adam Driver practicing against two individuals with long staff weapons. My guess is we will see Kylo Ren in either a sparring match or fight to the death against Supreme Leader Snoke’s Pretorian Guards. Those red clad guards sport long weapons like the ones shown here.





Between Supreme Leader Snoke’s fabulous richly woven gold robes and now this First Order Cadillac Deville, these guys know style. This speeder is probably in the Canto Bight action sequence.





There is a particular moment in a trilogy of films, where the sweet spot of all the drama climaxes to an incredible heart-wrenching point. That spot is almost always the third act of the second movie. We believe a big part of that act maybe Rey going up against the Knights of Ren on Ahch-To. Here we see Daisy Ridley practicing with three of her Choreographers. Rumors have circulated that Luke Skywalker is to be the one that dispatches the Knights of Ren, with Rey going against Kylo for round two. Lots of these scenes have been recorded in Ireland during filming.





This is one new creature that is fast becoming my favorite in all of Star Wars. The Porgs of Ahch-To is cute and terrifying at the same time. We believe they are amazingly tied to the Force and the home they protect. Ahch-To has incredible significance to the Force and these wonderful creatures are a welcomed custodian of it.





Here is another scene of Finn and Rose looking to break out DJ near the Casino on Canto Bight. In probably the same scene we see the two in disguise as First Order Officers.





We believe this scene is instrumental to the Battle of Crait as these bomb looking devices are what the Resistance uses against the Heavy Assault Walkers. The planet of Crait isn’t just a base for the Resistance, but also a mine supporting minerals for the war effort. That looks to be Rose, as we see her in that mechanic costume in this shot.





Here we see the Bridge of a First Order ship exploding or the prison that Finn and Rose are breaking DJ out of.





This next shot is the final big reveal of the BTS reel, and that is of Rey and Finn together on Crait. Does Rey show up in the end to save the Resistance? Some of the leaked Lego sets have her character on Crait as well. Hopefully she pulls a Kanan and starts cutting Walker legs with her lightsaber.





The final shot, of course, is Rey with her lightsaber ready to do battle. Whether it is against Kylo Ren or someone else, we do not know. But we sure can’t wait to find out.





I hope you enjoyed the breakdown everybody and please remember not to post spoilers on Social Media. Much of this information in regards to spoilers comes from Jason Wars at When it comes to spoilers, they have been the only game in town and right on everything they have released. Check them out to seek more in the spoiler world and insight on their opinions for the next chapter in our saga.

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