Last year during the fun at Star Wars Celebration Europe, Lucasfilm Executive Producer Dave Filoni sat down with Andi Guterrez of “The Star Wars Show” for a brief interview before he took to the stage for the big Star Wars Rebels season three reveal. In that brief conversation, Dave made a comment with a fair bit of sincerity and gusto that always stayed with me. With the first day of Celebration out of the way, letting everyone a teensy bit down without the release of a trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Dave came in with a different refreshing point of view about his trailer for Star Wars Rebels.

“We are going to give a lot away (panel), because we want people to tune in….you go to a panel and they hold on like they are not going to show a trailer and they wan’t everyone to go “ohhh”; and then they are like just kidding and show a trailer. Like is that a surprise anymore? Of course, you are going to see a trailer of Star Wars Rebels Season three and a really good one… There is probably someone in programming who is saying “Why would Filoni be giving that away?” Because it’s not a giveaway. It would be a major disappointment if we didn’t, right? So, I mean common, let’s show it”.

In grand fashion, Dave Filoni and the talented crew at Lucasfilm released another mid-season trailer for Star Wars Rebels. This one is chock full of goodies for the second half of a great season of Star Wars Rebels. The first semester have made significant strides in character development; story arc’s, and a welcoming tie-in’s to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The intensity of this animation show is building like an early M. Night Shyamalan film, minus the trees trying to kill you. The show has firmly hit it’s stride and is delivering well rounded stories and just plain great Star Wars.

Here are the ten things we picked up here at the Post, that should raise an eyebrow or two.

Star-Wars-Rebels-Season-3-Trailer-1#10  The Tie Defender Cometh!

Lucasfilm Executive Pablo Hidalgo mentioned it during the Star Wars Rebels Recon show and there it is, in all its splendor – The Tie Defender made famous back during my college days playing Star Wars: Tie Fighter on my trusty Packard Bell DX2. This superweapon is what Thrawn is banking his strategy on with a faster fighter draped in powerful shields and the ability to go into hyperspace.


star-wars-rebels-season-3-trailer-2#9 Mysterious Battle Droid and Zeb Thrown Down.

This tall and lanky mysterious Battle Droid (trust me we asked the brain trust on Twitter and he doesn’t look familiar). Takes on Zeb and Chopper in what looks to be a Road House brawl. Not exactly sure what this new Battle Droid is about but his design is great. Something about tall, slimmed down Droids that just look menacing as hell.




#8 Mystery Planet with Rings.

This shot of this planet is fascinating as the only world that we have seen with rings has been La’Mu. The agrarian planet in the opening of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, being the refuge of Galen Erso and his family.  If I am correct, this would be the second planet we have seen in this franchise with rings present and therefore a new world.



star-wars-rebels-season-3-trailer-4#7 Death Troopers Aren’t Just For Director Krennic.

In a surprising and welcoming image in today’s trailer was the reveal of the Death Troopers made famous in the franchise’s first spin-off film. In the Catalyst: A Rogue One Story novel, we did get the impression that the Death Troopers were hand picked Stormtroopers for Director Krennic as his bodyguards. Whether or not these guys are them are left to be seen.




#6 The Return Of Saw Gerrera.

During the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Lucasfilm announced that the famed character first seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be returning to the animation side of the house in Star Wars Rebels. Saw will also be voiced by Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker and his Idi Amin-esk portrayal of this rebel extremist.




#5 The Debut Of Mon Mothma.

She made a big splash in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and fans of Rebels are even happier to see the calm, steady hand of Mon Montha on the small screen. The animation of her is fantastic and if my ears are correct it is none other than Actress Genevieve O’Reilly.



star-wars-rebels-season-3-trailer-8#4 That’s No Hattori Hanzo Sword.

Dave Filoni mentioned that Rebels would be investing heavily in Sabine’s story arc this season and so far they haven’t dissapointed. With the fight against Rau and his protectors and the now the Dark Saber in the hands of Clan Wren of House Vizsla, things are about to get downright tribal on Mandalore.



star-wars-rebels-season-3-trailer-9 #3 Battle above Jedha?

The great thing about this franchise is we have a reasonable number of planets to remember. In this screencap, we see Rebellion ships attacked above what looks to be the planet Jedha or Korriban. Given that Saw Gerrera is now in Rebels, could we also be heading back to the cold deserts of Jedha? If it is Korriban (which maybe a stretch), it will have some significant impact on our story as it has been known as the graveyard of the Sith Lords.
star-wars-rebels-season-3-trailer-11#2 Malice At The Edge Of The Dune Sea.

If only Tatooine would rhyme I would have a whitty title to market this fight of the ages, like the “Thrilla in Chandrilla”. The match of the century is upon us, finally Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi settle things once and for all time. At least let’s hope they do.



untitled-1_0000_layer-12 #1 The Return Of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

With Maul seeking the answers he wanted from the Sith Holocron, and the match of the century ready to take place on the Dune Sea, older Obi-Wan Kenobi just glows in this Rebels mid-season trailer. Voiced by none other than Stephen Stanton (Rebels Tarkin and Rogue One’s Admiral Raddus). This will be the penultimate point of Rebels Season three and the most deliberate thread that connects the Rebels tapestry to that of the Episodic films. The animation and look of the character are stunning and by the looks of things, those robes will flow like Vader’s cape. Incredible work done on the part of Dave Filoni and talented artists at Lucasfilm.


The new trailer just makes you feel like jelly inside for what’s in store for our heroes. There are really big moments here that deserve our attention and grattitude. Enjoy the trailer everyone.



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