We learned late last night from a Tweet from Fave Filoni that a very spoilerific trailer would be dropping today for the remaining episodes of Star Wars: Rebels. In this new trailer we see Ezra wielding a similar three bladed lightsaber as Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The saber looks like it was built stronger and is green bladed. We all know from reporting late last year that Kylo’s weapon was built from an ancient design and perhaps this may be that lightsaber.

What is the more intriguing reveal in this trailer is the mysterious figure who claims he is the “Old Master”. With just the right amount of Photoshop tweaking it’s obvious that this person is Darth Maul. So once again the former Sith Lord that was chopped in half is back again in the Star Wars Galaxy. There is lots to digest in this trailer as Rebels is clearly heading toward the mystical side of Force in the remaining story arc of season two.

Enjoy the trailer.


Max Palas
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