The Official site has announced that Star Wars: Resistance has been picked up for a second season by Disney. The new animation series, has been a delight during these first few months of the series and it’s welcomed news that it will return in the fall of 2019.

Disney Channel has ordered a second season of the animated series Star Wars Resistance for a fall 2019 premiere, Lucasfilm announced today.

Always being a watchful eye on Star Wars Twitter and other social media platforms, I have been curious of the adoption of this new series in the fandom. From my point of view the series is still trying to win viewers and maybe a tad behind in the numbers compared to Star Wars Rebels. The initial episodes, with their new beautiful animation style, and slow character building stories, have lost some of the adult viewers to this series. However, as I have stated often on social media, that passing up on Star Wars: Resistance is a risky proposition. Especially with the new mid-season trailer which just recently debuted. Here in this new video we witness a more serious tone to the series and most importantly connection to the films in the new sequel era.

If you’re a Star Wars fan that prides themselves on keeping up with all the story connections across platforms, you should be investing time in this wonderful animation series.


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