Out of all the mysteries floating around our Galaxy, none grabs the attention of the fandom and casual Star Wars fans more than Rey’s lineage. It’s a question we get almost daily here at The Star Wars Post in emails and Twitter PM’s. I cannot express how many times in business meetings, casual chat’s with friends and family, especially during holidays where that ultimate question comes up.

The desire to answer that question is about as real and organic as it gets from the masses. However, I think we can all agree that Rey’s family history isn’t as important as the life and experiences of the character itself. Her trials and tribulations during her hellish years on Jakku or her rising to the occasion in Star Wars: The Force Awakens is what’s most important. Rey is her own person, and although her family history is a part of her story and possibly a plot twist in the coming episodes of our saga, it’s not the only mystery out there. From the great novels, animation series and books, there are a few more mysteries that I believe are just as enticing and perhaps more important in the saga of Star Wars. With that, we have assembled the top six Star Wars mysteries to soak into the brain meat of our readers that will hopefully engage your inner detective and spur new conversations with your friends and family. Especially if they haven’t had the chance to pick up one of the great new novels, comics, books or watch Star Wars Rebels. An investment in tiny treasure and time in these works that are absolutely worth it.

*There are some minor spoilers presented below so please, be warned.

Mystery #6 Star Wars Rebels – Minister Tua And What The Emperor Is Secretly Doing On Lothal.

star-wars-rebels-minister-tuaIn the first episode of the second season of Star Wars Rebels, “The Siege Of Lothal” Minister Tua is relieved of her position due to her failure of squelching the Rebel cell on Lothal. Due to her loss in allowing this cell to broadcast a message of dissent and hope, she has been commanded to face Governor Tarkin. The Minister, now terrified for her life reaches out to our heroes of the Ghost in a plea for exfiltration off Lothal. Minister Tua’s bargaining chip to secure that help was her revelation that there is a secret reason for Emperor Palpatine activities on Lothal and it’s not only for its natural resources. The secrecy of the Emperor’s actions on Lothal has never been revealed as the treachery of Agent Kallus led to the demise of Minister Tuo before it could be unearthed. After a long season and some episodes into season three, we have yet to find out that secret, however given the description of the next upcoming episode “An Inside Man” we may get more clues.

Why it’s important:
In all the new canon works, whether it’s the novels, comics or the animation series there is always small bits of news of the Emperor’s secret projects throughout the Galaxy. Whether it’s two trees smuggled away from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, kidnapping of Force Sensitive children or mining resources for the Death Star, the Emperor is a long-con schemer with a master plan. Lothal is important to Star Wars Rebels as it has been its primary landscape in the series. Everything seems to revolve around it, and it has shown to be the center of the Galaxy for our heroes. The series will inevitably merge into the space of the upcoming spin-off film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and one has to wonder if the secret of Lothal is inevitably linked to the Empire’s new superweapon, the Death Star.

Mystery #5 How Luke’s Lightsaber Get’s Into Maz Kanata’s Possession.

maz-luke-lightsaber-bespinIf there was ever one subject that had been discussed, debated to death on Star Wars forums in the run-up to Episode VII it was the tale of Luke’s lightsaber resurfacing in the catacombs of Maz’s sprawling castle complex. When rumors initially broke of Luke’s lightsaber floating through space in the original opening of the film, many theories and debates raged on about how and why it found it’s way into Maz’s possession. Initially, it was thought that this would be the McGuffin of the film and as it turned out it wasn’t, but still uniquely important as a story telling device to convince our reluctant hero to take up the cause. The tale of Luke’s lightsaber and it’s journey is important not only to spur on our new heroine and bring on the jealous rage of Kylo Ren but to remind Luke that as much as you try to run from your destiny, you ultimately can’t. The lightsaber, once owned by his Father, has been used as a terrifying weapon against innocents and eventually an heirloom to a Son in waiting. It has for the most part been a baton handed from a Kenobi to Skywalker and now from Rey back to Luke in a scene without anything ever being spoken. An heirloom that has the power to draw a person in and have them see visions.

Why it’s important:
In the new canon of Star Wars, the concept of Sith and Jedi artifacts and their power are evident in the Aftermath Novels and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In those pages and scenes, we witness Kylo Ren and The Acolytes from Beyond work to gather these relics for unknown reasons. The lightsaber of Darth Vader is a must have for Kylo Ren and may explain the rain-soaked scene in Rey’s vision of a village being slaughtered by him and his Knights of Ren. A scene that was rumored to be Kylo’s hunt for the lightsaber found in a village of a wealthy merchant who purchased the lightsaber lost on Bespin years ago. The trail and tales of this lightsaber maybe just a tool to get the story in gear, but it is still on our list of “a good story for a different time.”

Mystery #4 “The Sitter” on Jakku.
jakku-the-sitterOne of the greatest books released in the last two years has been Rey’s Survival Guide. This young adult book is chock full of the mysteries of Jakku and a snapshot into the hard existence of Rey on the sweltering landscape of Jakku. One interesting entry in her journal is the description of “The Sitter”, a holy man hunched over sitting atop a pillar in the Sun along the Pilgrim Road within sight of Carbon Ridge. A very curious story that seems really out of place when you place against the backdrop of everyday life on Jakku. When the business of scavenging and scraping for existence is paramount, here is this beautifully mysterious human character who day after day climbs his pillar and meditates in the scorching Sun. His survival only exists but for the help and offerings of the Teedo’s that pass by along the Pilgrim Road.

Why it’s important:
Lucasfilm is seeding the idea about an ancient religion on Jakku and it’s importance to the new era of Star Wars. It’s there just underneath the covers in the Aftermath novel series, Rey’s Survival Guide and Star Wars Complete Locations. Jakku is fast becoming a truly wondrous and mysterious place and not just some junkyard of wrecked ships in a battle long past. The tie-in of an ancient religious site, a strange sitting holy man and now a secret Imperial Research Facility makes it even more enticing. One has to wonder if this man is none other than Lor San Tekka, who perished at the hand of Kylo Ren in the first act of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A religious man himself trying to restore the Church of the Force.

Mystery #3 Jedi, The Force And The Trees.
jedi-force-treeLate last year in the run-up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a four part miniseries comic “Star Wars: Shattered Empire was released. This miniseries starts in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Endor and ends in the most bizarre way, which had many of us scratching our heads. The series ends with Luke Skywalker and Shara Bey securing two trees’s from an Imperial base on Vetine. The two tree’s were ripped from the grounds of the Jedi Temple in Corruscant by the Empire for some unknown research. One of the trees was taken by Luke and the other with Shara Bay (The mother of Poe Dameron) to the planet Yavin IV. The tree was planted on the grounds outside the Massassi Temples which would eventually be the stomping ground for young Poe. This peculiar event in Shattered Empire started to make some sense when drone spy shots were taken on the outside Star Wars: Episode VIII film sets of Pinewood Studios. There, next to the full replica of the Millennium Falcon on AHCT-TO stood a beautifully old tree. A tree that resembles not only the Jedi seal but the Jedi Temple of Corruscant.

Why it’s important:

The Force tree as we have referred to it on online forums could be an integral part of the lore of The Force and its early beginnings. Luke’s search for the first Jedi Temple, which we are led to believe is AHCH-TO, and the appearance of this enormous tree is no coincidence. The Force has always been compared to its origins in all living things in nature while the Dark Side has always represented the deliberate corruption and unnaturally twisted use of the Force. Perhaps during Star Wars: Episode VIII we will learn more about this tree, and it’s significance in our saga.

Mystery #2 Admiral Gallius Rax, Emperor Palpatine and Supreme Leader Snoke.

gallius-rax-snokeChuck Wendig’s marvelous second addition to the Aftermath series of novels “Life Debt” revealed the mysterious fleet Admiral known as Gallius Rax. This titanic persona, chock full of power, intellect, wisdom and patience is the architect of The First Order. More than that, we here at the Post have driven a stake into the ground that this goliath of a character is none other than Supreme Leader Snoke or the eventuality of him.
We believe that Lucasfilm has done something amazing here by not only detailing the origins of the First Order but also of Supreme Leader Snoke in an entertainment vehicle that does it justice. By merging with the great talent of Author Chuck Wendig, and telling this story in a novel, we get to drown in the bathtub of all things evil and swim around in it without the rush for time. When every minute of a movie is dedicated to the story at hand, there is very little that can be devoted to the backstory. Especially one as complex as the long con of Supreme Leader Snoke and the resurgence of the First Order. A decade’s old plan mired in politics, big money and secrecy.

Why it’s important:

What makes this particular mystery especially juicy is the chief investigator pushing for the truth is none other than Admiral Rae Sloane in her bid to usurp control of the Imperial Remnant. In Aftermath: Life Debt it is Sloane that uncovers the origins of young Gallius Rax and his close connection with Emperor Palpatine. In her determination to unseat a man she feels unfit for the ideals of the Empire, she uncovers his direct link to the Dark Lord of The Sith and the secrecy surrounding his ascendency through the Imperial Ranks. This tale is supremely important and in our view ties the two critical connections for our new main Antagonist in the saga. The first is a position of authority in order to slide into the power vacuum Emperor Palpatine left behind. The second and most important is Supreme Leaders Snoke’s knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force. A skill that is obtained from Master to Apprentice and with Gallius Rax and Lord Sidious, we have that connection. There are so many delicious layers in “Life Debt” that begin to lay the foundation of this magnanimous character to become Supreme Leader Snoke eventually. How or why this transformation takes place is still unknown. However, more will be revealed of this mystery when the third installment of Aftermath “Empire’s End” hits the shelves early next year.

Mystery #1 Secret Imperial Research Facility Beneath Jakku.
jakku-imperial-research-facilityThe incredibly hot and inhospitable planet of Jakku is fast becoming a place of wonder and mystery. Initially in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, many of us agreed with Han Solo when we just chalked up this planet in the Western Reaches of the Galaxy as just some insignificant junkyard. With little life, gobs of despair and nothing of any real value left, we always wondered why did J.J Abrams go with Jakku and not Tatootine, which is so similar in many respects.

That began to change however with more creative works being released by Lucasfilm. From Rey’s Survival Guide to Aftermath “Life Debt”, these new revelations cemented the fact that Jakku is much more important to our saga than we first realized. This enlightenment is clearly evident in the first and last chapters in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath “Life Debt”. In those chapters, we learn of young Gallious Rax witnessing the Emperor’s Imperial shuttle land on the dusty Plaintive Hand plateau. An ancient holy site of the Consecrated Ermite of Jakku. A place of importance for the Emperor as he begins the project to excavate this ancient holy place, which will eventually become a secret Imperial research facility. A mysterious base and staging point into the outer reaches of the Galaxy for the Empire. A Complex that is hidden in the mountains of Carbon Ridge near the Goazan desert that is initially protected by a young Gallius Rax and an orphan group who call themselves Anchorites. Rey’s speaks to the mystery of that underground base in her journal as she lists the top three theories from the washing tabled about the infamous Battle of Jakku.

“It was to protect that secret Imperial Base I told you about, the one under the Carbon Ridge”. “…The Imperial base was beneath the sinking fields, and it wasn’t a base, but a storehouse filled with treasure looted from ancient civilizations and hidden on Jakku by the Emperor.”…”…see the Emperor had a throne room here, from which he planned to explore and conquer the rest of the Galaxy.”

All three theories seem to be true, but we do know from Star Wars Complete Locations, that it was a secret Imperial research facility.
The fact alone that both Gallius Rax/Snoke and Rey have their origins on Jakku is enough to get the speculating glands working overtime.

Why it’s important:
Gallius Rax makes a bold decision at the end of Aftermath: Life Debt to move all his capital ships and fleet of the Imperial remnant to Jakku which will set the stage for the Battle of Jakku. This planet is vital to his interests for some unknown reason. Why this Imperial research facility rests in Carbon Ridge on an ancient holy site of the Consecrated Ermite of Jakku is a grand mystery. A project started by the Emperor himself during the years preceding the Battle of Naboo. In Aftermath Life Debt, Chuck Wendig states that this excavation event begins 30 years before the Battle of Jakku which suggests that Supreme Chancellor Palpatine made his excavation work on Jakku a priority for his new administration.

Another reason why this research facility at this ancient religious site may play a serious role in our saga is the transformation of Gallious Rax into Supreme Leader Snoke. We know from the Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens book that Supreme Leader Snoke had undergone a serious transformation.

“It’s almost like Snoke was quite handsome when he was younger. And in my mind, the more powerful he’s become, the more the Dark Side consumes him”.

Perhaps this facility uncovered a secret wellspring of the Dark Side that transforms the confident good looking blue eyed, pale Rax into the ghoulish horror we see in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


We hope you enjoyed these six mysteries to ponder and we hoped it sparked some motivation to seek out these great works from Lucasfilm. Please take the leap in purchasing the great Star Wars novels, books, and comics. You will be glad you did.

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